Pet peeves are pretty universal, but sometimes there are some that men don’t understand, and there are some that women don’t understand. That is why there are more characters than Guy in the world of Don’t Be That Guy. There is Girl. And boy is she annoying!

She encompasses all the pet peeves that women find with other women. I recently posted to reddit’s r/askreddit saying “Women of reddit, what are your biggest pet peeves with other women?”. I got a lot of silly responses, but also some very insightful ones. Things I would have never really thought about. Being a guy, I can only understand so much of what women go through. Here are some of the comments that followed the post.


  • If you sat all the way down on the toilet, there wouldn’t be pee on it.
  • People who don’t clean the shower drain. I’ve lived with other women my whole life, and most of them have had beautiful long locks. I get it, we have a lot of hair, it’s gonna shed in the shower. You gotta snake that shit, or you’re gonna get a clog.
  • When they talk with a baby voice. Ugh…
  • Passive aggressive complements to insult someone.
  • When they assume any guy talking to them is trying to hit on them.
  • The thing where they act nice when everyone knows they hate you. (Especially when in a voluntary situation)
  • The drama and gossip. How hurtful they can be toward each other.
  • When they compete to put themselves down:
  • Female 1: ugh my thighs are so * fat* Female 2: oh my gosh wat * pokes her friends thigh* you’re so toned though, but my thighs on the other hand
  • “I’m not like other girls”

If you want to read more of this post, you can here.


What do you think ladies of the world? How do you feel about some of these peeves, and what are some of yours?