Endless possibilities. That’s what Guy offers.

Here are some common pet peeves that can be put on a shirt and worn around:

  • loud chewers
  • people who click their pens
  • people who wear socks and sandals
  • people who sag their pants
Don't Be That Guy!

Socks and Sandals

I could sit here and list tons more, but I don’t want to list them all and take away possible conversation with you! If you’ve got a pet peeve that you would like to see featured on a t-shirt or post card or anything really, just choose the suggest a peeve option from the navigation bar.

There are three peeves currently available on the Etsy store. If you’re looking for another peeve, you can also check the campaigns I add on Tee Spring. I’ll add designs there from time to time to see what is popular and what needs more and more designs! Feel free to send input and make sure to tell your friends (and enemies) about Guy and his shenanigans!