With all the new announcements for the gaming community, it seems only fitting to name some pet peeves for gamers.


Trash Talkers



A little friendly banter in the gaming lobby is always encouraged but some people take it to the troll level. I’m talking about the people who make sure their mic is the loudest. They specifically target you and only you. They send you messages and follow you to different lobbies. This is annoying. The only thing that can make this situation worse is if they are better at the game than you.

You’ve already had to put up with them calling you terrible names. But now they’ve got the skillset to back up their diminishing words of hurt.


The Inverted Gamer

You and a friend are taking turns playing a game, but your friend is that guy who enjoys inverting the controls. This means you have to switch the controls every round. The video below from Freddiew and Rocket Jumps explains this perfectly.

This also relates to friends who play on different sensitivity levels than you.


Slow Internet Connection


Getting kicked out of a game mid-round can be frustrating. Especially if you are doing really well. Plus, good internet isn’t only needed for gaming. It’s needed to function in today’s first world society (we will cover first world peeves down the road).



These are just three frustrating things about gaming. What annoys you in the gaming world. Leave a comment below.