Today we focus on the people in society that tend to enjoy spending their time breathing down other people’s necks. You all know someone who likes to stand so close when they talk to you that you can tell what they had for dinner the previous night.

Now, how do we deal with a situation like this. Most of us make movements with our bodies and try to shift positions to try to get a little further away from the person but there are other methods as well.

  • For the blunt people out there, you may want to try the tactic of just telling the person “Hey, could you back up, you’re in my personal space”.

The above is a very efficient way to get the person to move back, but they also may decide to not talk to you anymore as well. So if you still want to remain friends with the person, this tactic may not be the best method.

  • If you still want to use your voice, you can go the more polite route of the above scenario. Maybe say something like “Excuse me, but I feel a little uncomfortable with you standing so close. Would you mind taking a step back?”

This is just as efficient as the first vocal attempt, and much less rude. You’ll probably even retain your friendship/acquaintance after the situation plays out.

Between the two scenarios above, I would recommend the second one, but if you’re not a vocal person and don’t want to confront the person in that way, there are always the non-verbal cues.

  • When they are talking, try to find something to lean on. Something that will move your body back in a natural manner (a table, a desk, or counter).

This looks okay to them and they aren’t offended. Let’s just hope they don’t move forward any closer when you lean back! Because if they get closer when you lean back, you are stuck in the leaning position until they are done talking.

  • Find a nearby object to grab and look at for a second (maybe readjust it).

This looks completely natural and you can maintain eye contact and concentration on the conversation this whole time!

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What are some of your methods of getting out of claustrophobic situations? Let us know below! And don’t forget to suggest a peeve!