Being offended. That’s a common theme when you turn on the news any more. So much that memes like this exist on the internet.

Good morning America!

Good morning America!

People are so afraid to say anything anymore because someone else might take some sort of offense to it. We can’t let this become a normal thing. There are 7 billion people on this planet. The only way we could attempt to be non-offensive would be to not speak. Who knows though. Maybe if we stopped speaking, the World Association of Mimes might take offense and think the world is making fun of their way of life.

Speak your mind and don’t be afraid to offend someone, but be smart. There are two sides to all things. Feel free to speak your mind, but make sure to watch your mouth. Stay polite. If you don’t agree with someone, don’t step all over them, but also don’t be that guy who says “Let’s agree to disagree”. Stand firm, but be gentle. Confused yet? It’s hard to speak your mind, possibly offending people, and also watching what you say, because yes you do have the ability to say whatever you like, but you must also be cautious with your words.

So please feel free to speak your mind. Feel free to get up and shout what you believe, but know there may always be consequences. Be smart with your words. But for heaven’s sake, please do not be “offended” because you disagree. Put on your big kid pants and stand your ground. Voice your opinion and learn to debate in a civilized intellectual manner.

If you want to see how not to debate, just watch current politicians. They argue by insulting one another without ever speaking about what they stand for. They speak in internet memes instead of with intellect and wit. All of this for the sake of being “hip” and popular among the young people. And they’re so afraid to offend someone, that they can’t really speak their minds without one sentence being taken out of context and plastered all over the media.

Anyway, voice your opinion, and don’t be offended when someone disagrees.

There are billions of us. We aren’t all going to think the same exact way.




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