Happy National Ball Point Pen Day!

Not many people celebrate this day. In fact, I’m sure most people don’t know it is a thing. But thanks to the internet, I’m able to know every “national” holiday there is, and take advantage of the free views.

National Ball Point Pen Day brings us to our Peeve of the Day: People who click their pens way too much.


Just looking at that image, I’m sure you can almost hear the clicking of the pens. And just like Lisa in the image, you’re probably frowning at the thought. So how does one deal with this pet peeve?

First you’ve got to think about why people fidget with things like pens. There can be multiple reasons for this.


They are lying

According to lifespan, people who are lying “often fidget”. So if someone is telling the tale of how awesome their weekend was and they tend to be fidgeting a lot, they may have actually spent the weekend at home doing nothing.


They might be nervous

 I’m sure you’ve been on a first date or a job interview. You might find yourself fidgeting. You might even find yourself clicking a pen too much, waiting for your name to be called for the interview.


They might just be bored

 Although there are plenty of reasons for a fidget, the person might just be bored. Sitting somewhere for a long period of time may cause someone to fidget because they don’t know what else to do with themselves.



However, none of these excuse the excessive pen clicking. Here are some alternatives to the pen.


The recently popular fidget spinner



Kinetic Sand (my personal favorite)


Good luck out there and fidget only when necessary.


Until Next Time,


P.S. Don’t Be That Guy