Guy has a lot of potential. Here is what he can do for you.

  • Guy finds the humor in minor annoyances in everyday life that we, as humans, like to blow out of proportion.
  • With the money Guy brings in, he hopes to use it to bring laughter to people everywhere (more on this soon).
  • Guy can help you overcome your frustrations with people and their silly habits.

Point one above mentions Guy finding the humor in slight annoyances. People who slurp their drinks through their straws even though there is no more drink left can be some of the most annoying people in the world. Guy takes this pet peeves and shows you how silly it is to be angry with that person.


Drink Slurpers

Guy is comfortable with who he is. He doesn’t mind what others think of him. And that’s what we all have to learn. People are always going to slurp their drinks. New people are being born every day. And all these new people are going to come with some minor flaws. Instead of focusing entirely on that sucking straw sound, instead look to the person and think about the stories that make up their life. Understand that they are a person who has seen an entirely different life than you. And then chuckle to yourself and think “slurping a drink isn’t so bad”.

Point two above mentions money (OH NO!). Yes, Guy wants to bring in some money. And here is what he and I plan to do with it. I have always been interested in making people smile, whether from my stupid humor or my magic tricks. With funds from Guy (and Girl and all the other off-shoots), I want to be able to move around and do things for communities. Take magic to children in hospitals or in other countries, or donate children’s’ clothes to single parent homes. Little things that make a big difference in other peoples’ lives. I’ve been given a set of tools in this life that I plan to use.

Point three sort of wraps Guy into one sentence, and goes along the lines of point one. Laugh at these little pet peeves. There are so many more important things in the world to be angry with. Don’t waste your energy on these minor flaws. Laugh at them, and move on to bigger and better things.