The movie theater is a place many people look forward to, while others dread the thought of even stepping into one. Why do some people dread a trip to the cinema? Because of that guy.


With your visit to the theater, you need to know some movie going etiquette.


  1. Don’t be that guy that picks a seat super close to someone else if there are open seats elsewhere.


You would think this would go without saying, but you still find people picking the seats directly in front of you or right behind you even if you are the only people in the theater.


  1. Open you candy and other snacks before the movie starts. Don’t wait until the opening scene!


Make sure to bring just enough candy to get you through the movie, and don’t go ruffling through the bags every minute. Find a loud part of the movie and then go for the grab!


  1. If someone is sitting in front of you, keep your feet off the back of their chair.

Imagine sitting there enjoying a very intense part of the movie when the person behind you decides they’re not comfortable anymore and need to put their feet up. It’s a real distraction from the action!


  1. Don’t talk during the movie. 


If you need to say something to your friend next to you…don’t. There’s really no need. If you think you know what’s going to happen in the movie based on something you saw, keep it to yourself. Others are enjoying the story and don’t want any theories.


  1. Make sure to turn off your cell phone.


If you really need to have you cell phone available during the movie, keep it under something so the light doesn’t bother others while they are enjoying themselves.


  1. Don’t bring your baby to the theater.


If you haven’t experienced this, it can really disrupt your movie going experience. You’ve gone to see the latest horror movie and sure enough, halfway through, someone’s baby starts crying during the movie.


  1. Standing up to go to the bathroom.


There are opening commercials before the movie for a reason. One of those reasons is for all those people with weak bladders. Before the movie previews start, head to the bathroom. And if you have a weak bladder, don’t drink a soda during the film.


  1. If you’ve already been to see the movie, please don’t whisper spoilers for nearby people to hear.

Lot’s of people see a movie twice. However, that doesn’t give them a free pass to exclaim “This next part is so awesome!” or “Wait until you see what happens to her!” Keep your mouth shut and enjoy the movie along with all the others.


  1. Don’t spoil a movie to people waiting in line after you’ve come out of that same movie.


Some movies have showings before their actual midnight release. This leaves a lot of potential for spoilers if you are waiting in line outside the theater. Make sure to keep some headphones nearby and plug them in when people start filing out of the showing.


  1. Chew with your mouth closed and don’t slurp your drinks.


This can be one of the most distracting things at the movies. Someone has quietly opened their bags and set their drinks in the cup holder next to them. A quiet scene comes on in the movie and BAM! “SLURRRRRRRRRRRP!” *CRUNCH*. You can hear it all the way from the back of the theater!


  1. Speaking of arm rests, make sure to leave one for the person next to you.

You’ve got one drink. Use one cup holder. Candy does not go in another cup holder unless no one is sitting next to you on that side. If someone is there, that becomes their arm rest. Not all theaters have a gap between seats where everyone gets two arms for their chairs.


  1. Don’t be that couple in the back of the theater.


You know which one I am talking about.


  1. When you leave the theater, try to take all your trash with you.


Sure there are workers who go around and pick that up after you leave, but wouldn’t it make things a little easier for them and the next group of people that use that theater. Don’t complain if you sit down and there’s some trash or sticky floors. If you don’t pick up your trash, you’re one of the problems here.


  1. After leaving the theater, don’t be that person that goes straight to social media and posts spoilers.

Not everyone can afford the time to go see the movie opening night. Rule of thumb is to give it a week or two and then post some things, but it’s best to just not post any spoilers ever. New people are always seeing old movies for the first time.


  1. Finally, if you hated the movie and someone else you know loved it, who cares?

Too many people argue how bad or good a movie was. Movies are meant to be subjective and enjoyed by different people for different reasons. Just enjoy the fact that you can both see the movie.

There we are. Fifteen annoying things people do at the movie theater. The moral of this list is to just be aware of people around you. This can be said with most things in life. You are most definitely not the center of attention. Stay aware of what affects other people and try to help make the world a little less frustrating, one movie at a time.